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Kelowna Kung Fu Birthday Party Cake


Birthday parties have always been an exciting and happy time for kids. The kids attending the party are ecstatic at the invitation, and the birthday child is the center of happiness. There are so many ways to have kids over for a birthday party! Just think of all the new entities on the market- it will make you wish you were a child again. However, there is one way to celebrate a kid’s birthday that is not only beneficial for all the attendees but for the birthday child, as well. That special birthday is called a Kung Fu Birthday Party in Kelowna. In today’s world teaching a child to defend oneself, and being honorable at the same time is a definite plus. So, Kung Fu birthdays serve a dual purpose.


First of all, if you are considering a Kung Fu birthday party at your home, think again. It might be more than you can handle. Kids will be flying around, chopping items, slamming their feet, and very well might be creating a wee bit of havoc. Yes, you might very well have the space, but don’t forget the safety and liability worries, just for a kid’s party. So, make your life easier. Have a party at the Great Way Martial Arts. They provide everything possible to make the event worthwhile, as well as teaching young kids an ancient art of self-defense. Remember, you don’t want to book another boring party at places where children have been going to for years. They have lots of experience at fast-food restaurants, places with video machines, and burgers. This time the children can actually participate, have food, and feel as if they have learnt something! Additionally, what is amazing is the birthday child becomes the leader of the Kung Fu class. This makes the birthday child feel special and adds to the child’s self-esteem. Your child will call the shots, and his or her friends will respond. And the best part is cutting your cake with a samari sword! This makes it fun, and a learning experience. Parents might want to videotape it, but make sure you have the permission of the school and parents.

Guess what? When a child is dropped off for a birthday party, a parent has no idea or control over their child’s treatment or actions. In a Kung Fu Party, the parents can relax and watch the show! There is a viewing room for parents to watch the instruction and the celebration of good physical exercise. So, this is more than a birthday party, it is an exercise in a quality festivity. Everything is covered. The food, the fun, the learning, and the parents are welcomed. So, Bu-ke-qi – you are more than welcome at the Kung Fu Studio! Happy Birthday!

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